First, you will need to locate the parcel and find the Total Assessment/School District and applicable Special Districts.


To access this information, click on Accept, and then click on Parcel Search. This will assist you in locating the parcel you wish to find.


You can access the parcel by typing in an OWNER NAME, ADDRESS OR TAX ID#. Click on search.


Once the query result has appeared, locate the parcel and click on View under Image Mate. This will bring you to the Assessment data on the parcel. Make a note of the Total Assessment, School District and any Special Districts listed.


You are now ready to proceed to the Fulton County iMap Home Page. Click the link for County/Town/City/School tax rates, locate the municipality, and add together the county/town and applicable special district.


To calculate using School tax rates, click on the School Tax Rate link. Locate the municipality and applicable School District. If the school district has a Library Rate this will need to be added into the School Tax Rate to find the total rate per thousand. Use the total tax rate for the calculation.


Once you have found the total tax rate using the above steps, multiply the Total Assessment times the appropriate tax rate and divide by 1000. This will give you the approximate taxes based on the most current Total Assessment and the most current tax rate (which may be the prior year tax rate). Note: The Total Assessment does not reflect any exemptions that may apply to the parcel.  Using the Total Assessment will allow you to calculate what the approximate tax would be without any exemptions applied.




The example below will help guide you in the formula:



Total Assessment x Tax Rate divided by 1000 = approximate tax



                                                        School                                        County                               City


Total Assessment                           $80,000.00                                 $80,000.00                         $80,000.00


X  Tax Rate                                            $22.96                                                        $8.90                                             $12.48 

                                                  $1,836,800.00                               $712,000.00                        $998,400.00

Divided by 1000                               $1,836.80                                      $712.00                               $998.40




When and if the assessment changes, the first bill to reflect the change would be the School bill, then the County/Town bill which comes the following January followed by the City bill in April and Village bill in June.